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Final words - ours

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Paula Eakins: "After seven years as a professor at Oakwood University teaching dietetics majors, I turned in my resignation in 1996 due to a greater love for educating the adult community."


 Curtis Eakins: "After seven years assisting surgeons specializing in neurosurgery at Huntsville Hospital, I turned in my resignation in 1999 due to my love for Paula (brownie points) and community."

         After Paula's cancer surgery we got involved wholeheartedly including . . .

  • American Cancer Society Mid-South Media Spokesperson of the year - Paula

  • Speaker at the state capitol in Montgomery, AL for cancer awareness - Paula

  • Participant American Cancer Society's Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3) - Curtis

  • Counselor/staff for U.S. largest adult cancer camp, St. Vincent Hospital - Curtis

With Three Angels Broadcasting Network granting us open invitation for free advertisement, Clearview Cancer Institute publicizing our cooking shows along with our specialized partners, we're prime to dramatically improve survivor rates within this cancer belt. Click "DONATE" to establish this center!

Final words - others

Stacy Kelsey.jpg

Stacey Kelsay

"August 20th, 2020 I was diagnose with stage 3 colon cancer. One of the things that went through my mine is I needed to contact Curtis and Paula Eakins. They encourage me to consider a plant-based diet which I did wholeheartedly.  I needed to make a lifestyle change. This last week [September 16, 2021I went to my oncologist for the results of my CT scan.  With astonishment my doctor said, 'what have you been doing? There is no cancerous properties in your body'. Curtis and Paula have been a blessing to me during my colon cancer journey. What a gift they are to the Huntsville, AL community and the world. I can truly say without the Eakins, I would not be alive today."

George Patton_edited.jpg

George Patton

"If I had 10,000 tongues I could not give God the praise He deserves. After viewing their [Controlling Cancer Conference] dvd, we decided to apply the things learned from the information presented in those dvd's to our personal lifestyle. We are rejoicing in the fact that George's last prostate cancer PSA test [in March, 2021] came back 0.00. Thanks to you and Curtis for being God's servants, mouth, hands and feet, and your willingness to help others.  May you continue to do God's work in the ministry of health until he comes." Mary Patton - wife

Unveil a testimony from our Controlling Cancer Conference!

Abundant Living Center will...

  1. Ease suffering from cancer treatment!

  2. Target the underserve and uninsured!

  3. Prevent and reduce cancer recurrence!

Clicking "DONATE" is the first start!

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